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Due to temporary inconvenience, we had suspend all our operations from the date of 01 June 2022. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

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We wanted an easy way to get laundry done. We couldn’t find one. So we built one!

We are a group of super-enthusiastic people who wanted to make other people’s lives easier by providing them with some extra time; the time they would spend sorting and doing their laundry. We believe there is more to one’s life than spending time after doing laundry and so we provide you with the first online laundry platform in Bangladesh. With our Website, Mobile Application or Hotline number, you can choose which laundry service provider you want to connect with and schedule a pickup and delivery with us. With that extra load off your shoulder, you can now sit back, relax and enjoy the free time; if we can add even a little extra free time to your busy schedule, we would believe we are doing a good job.


The Company strives to make people’s lives easier and convenient with our utmost service. We exist to provide our valued customer with the convenience of doing laundry with a click. Our success is measured by how passionately they promote us to others.


With our great courage, integrity, hard work and love create better solution to make everyday life easier and enjoyable.

The SmartFounders of SmartLaunder

We wanted an easy way to get laundry done. We couldn't find one. So we built one.